Founded in the beginning of the year 2006,
Bulgarian Society for Cell Biology (BGSCB)
is a professional society serving the cell biology, also adipobiology and neurobiology, community of collegues devoted to the excellence of research, education, and friendship.

The Society is a member of the International Federation for Cell Biology.


Chairman: George N. Chaldakov, MD, PhD,
                   e-mail: chaldakov@yahoo.com

Secretary: Anton B. Tonchev, MD, DSc
                  e-mail: atontchev@yahoo.com

Most Honorary Member: Rita Levi-Montalcini, Nobel prize winner-1986 for the discovery of NGF (nerve growth factor)

Honorary Members: 15 internationally recognized scientists

 On behalf of the Society the following main activities are developing:

1. Publication of two international journals based in Bulgaria:

  • (i) Biomedical Reviews – since 1992 “broadcasting” state-of-the-science (SOS) knowledge in cell biology of disease, and
  • (ii) Adipobiology – since 2009 presenting SOS knowledge in adipose tissue in health and disease.

2. Organization of International Symposia on Adipobiology and Adipopharmacology (ISAA) – since 2007; the 3rd ISAA will be held 25 – 2 7 October 2012 in Burgas, Bulgaria.

3. Organization of Biomedical Forum – since 1990, an university program of CME (continuing medical education).


The signature of BGSCB:

The joy of doing science and education is a supreme kind of brain-and-heart devotion and friendship (friendomics).