Volume 10, 1999

Rita Levi-Montalcini and the nerve growth factor
Luigi Aloe and George N. Chaldakov ( Italy and Bulgaria )
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Nerve growth factor: basic findings and clinical trials
Luigi Aloe and Alessandra Micera ( Italy )
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Neurotrophins and their receptors in the skin: a tribute to Rita Levi-Montalcini
Olle Johansson and Yong Liang ( Sweden )
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Neurotrophic factors in the testis
Dieter Miiller, Ralf Middendorff, and Michail S. Davidoff ( Germany )
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Neurotrophic properties of leptomeninges
Mami Ishizaka, Kinuko Shibata, Tomoko Senbongi, and Koichi Ishikawa ( Japan ) [Abstract]        [PDF]

Neuroimmune hypothesis of atherosclerosis

George TV. Chaldakov, Marco Fiore, Ivan S. Stankulov, Viviana Triaca, Peter I. Ghenev, and Luigi Aloe ( Bulgaria and Italy )
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Stimulation of neurotrophin synthesis by 4-methylcatechol: a promising approach for neuroprotection

Shoei Furukawa, Atsumi Nitta, and Yoshiko Furukawa ( Japan )
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Expression of Trk neurotrophin receptors in nonneuronal tissues and cancer
Hirotaka Koizumi ( Japan )
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Cytokines and neurotrophins in psychiatric disorders
Futoshi Shintani (
Japan )
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Spinal cord repair strategies: Schwann cells, neurotrophic factors, and biodegradable polymers
Martin Oudega and Sandrine E. Gautier ( USA and Belgium )
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The underlying roles of macrophage populations in myocardial fibrosis
Jyoji Yamate, Shunji Nakatsuji, and Adashige Sakuma ( Japan )
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Contemporary neurotrophic factor research: towards a more human paradigm
Dimiter T. Tomov ( Bulgaria )
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Neurolipidology: interactions of nerves, neurotrophic factors, and lipids
George N. Chaldakov and Luigi Aloe ( Bulgaria and Italy )
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