Nerve growth factor: basic findings and clinical trials

Nerve growth factor: basic findings and clinical trials
Luigi Aloe and Alessandra Micera ( Italy )

The nerve growth factor is the first-discovered and best-characterized member of the family ofneurotrophins. In the introduction of this article we present a briefbiographic view of past andpresent studies of Rita Levi-Montalcini on nerve growth factor: Further,
the article focuses onpleiotropic activities of nerve growth factor, exerting on various cell types, including cells of nervous, immune and endocrine system. Implications of these actions of nerve growth factor in the pathogenesis of neurological diseases, autoimmune-inflammatory diseases, allergic diseases, lymphoproliferative diseases, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and neurotrophic corneal ulcers are outlined.
Biomed Rev 1999; 10: 3-14.
Received 15 July 1999 and accepted 22 September 1999.

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