Neurotrophic properties of leptomeninges

Neurotrophic properties of leptomeninges
Mami Ishizaka, Kinuko Shibata, Tomoko Senbongi, and Koichi Ishikawa ( Japan )

The leptomeninges, consisted of pia mater and arachnoid, cover the surface of brain parenchyma. Leptomeningeal cells produce a number of biologically active proteins, including prostaglandin-D synthase, cyclooxygenase-1, -2, insulin-like growth factor-II, insulin-like growth factor-binding proten-2, andapolipoprotein E, released into the cerebrospinal fluid. The involvement of leptomeninges in neurotrophic, scavenging, and transport activities as well as inflammatory responses, associated with the brain, is reviewed.
Biomed Rev 1999; 10: 31-36.
Received 12 November 1998 and accepted 28 August 1999.

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