Instructions for Authors

Preparation of Tables
Each table should be double-spaced with an explanatory title
And will appear at the end of the text of the manuscript. All
tables must be cited in the text (e.g. “Table 1” ).

Figure Legends
Each figure should be accompanied by a title and an explanatory
legend. The title should be part of legend and not lettered
onto the figure itself. Legends should be concise.

Use abbreviations if a term appears three or more times. Spell
out all abbreviations at first occurrence, and then introduce
them by placing the abbreviations in parentheses. The metric
system should be used for all volumes, lengths, weights,
etc. Temperatures should be expressed in degrees Celsius
(centigrade). Units should conform to the International System
of Units (SI).


Proofs will be sent by E-mail, as PDFs. No major changes in, or
Additions to, the edited manuscript will be allowed at this stage.
Proofreading is solely the Authors’ responsibility. Corrections
To the proofs must be returned by E-mail or Fax within 72 hours
After receipt. If the Publisher receives no response from the
Author(s) after 10 days, it will be assumed that there are no
Errors to correct and the article will be published.

Page charges
There are no page charges.

The cost of one hundred offprints of each article is covered
By the author(s). This charge is necessary to offset increasing
costs of publication and postage.

Please contact the Editors for subscription and other


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