Volume 16, 2005

The Dimitar Kadanoff Memorial Award Lecture: Neurogenesis in adult mammalian Hippocampus after ischemia: rodent versus primate models
Anton B. Tonchev (Bulgaria)
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Calcium-dependent regulation of Rho and myosin phosphatase in vascular smooth muscle
Yoh Takuwa, Kazuaki Yoshioka, Noriko Takuwa, Yu Wang, Mohammed Ali Azam, and Naotoshi Sugimoto (Japan)
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Control of granule cell precursor proliferation in the developing cerebellum and in medulloblastoma
Katsuji Yoshioka (Japan)
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Charcot osteoarthropathy: one disease, two presentations
Nina L. Petrova and Michael E. Edmonds (UK, Bulgaria)
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The nutraceutical Pycnogenol: its role in cardiovascular health and blood
glucose control

Om P. Gulati (Switzerland)
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Forebrain dopamine receptors in cognitive, memory and learning processes
Nikolai E. Lazarov and Christof Pilgrim (Bulgaria, Germany)
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Chemokine-chemokine receptor pathway as a tumor therapeutic target: the significance of SDF-1CXCR4 pair
Peirong Lu, Longbiao Li, and Xueguang Zhang (China)
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Adipobiology of inflammation
George N. Chaldakov, Anton B. Tonchev, Zhaneta Georgieva, Peter I. Ghenev,
and Ivan S. Stankulov (Bulgaria)
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