Volume 3, 1994

CD15: a sticky sugar?
Enrico Marani
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Old, new and not yet exploited purinergic vasomechanisms of the pulmonary circulation
Haroutioun M. Hassessian
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Interaction of heat shock protein (hsp90) with the cytoskeleton: potential implication in intracellular transport
Christos Stournaras, Andrew N. Margioris, andAchille Gmvanis
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Neuronal recovery after peripheral traumatic lesions of the facial motor nerve
Doychin N. Angelov and Wolfram F. Neiss
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Biological functions of carbohydrate ABH blood group determinants
Victoria Sarafian, H. Taskov, and A. Popov
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Methicillin resistant staphylococci: mechanisms of resistance
Katia K. Toshkova
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Investigation of soluble adhesion molecules in cancer: beneficial approach or expensive toy? The case of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (sICAM-1).
KM Reinhardt, Dagmar Zillig, W. Brinckmann, Beate Krammer, AD Blann, M.
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Nephrotic hyperlipidemia: is inhibition of receptor- mediated edocytosis involved?
Tzanko S. Stantchev
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Neural-immune-effector (NIE) cross-talk in vascular trophobiology: proposal for
new and not yet exploited purinergic regulatory mechanisms

George N. Chaldak&y, Peter I. Ghenev, Matei Andonov, Kamen Valchanov, Anton Tonchev, and Ruja P&ncheva
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