Instructions for Authors

References should be each numbered, ordered sequentially as
they appear in the text, and cited in parentheses: “text (1)”.
In case of with multiple references, these should be cited
Starting from the smallest number: “text (1-3)”. In the list of
references, papers should be listed numerically. The name
(surname first) of the author (s) should be followed the by the
full title of the papers as it appeared in the original, the source
of the reference, together with the year, volume number, and
the first and last pages. If the author list for a paper exceeds 6,
et al (in oblique font) should be added after the sixth author.
References to web-only journals should also provide URL
in full or DIO if known. Book titles are in oblique font with
all main words’ first letter being capitalized. The following
illustrates the format to be used:

•  Journal article
Iwamoto Y, Koide H, Ogita K, Nishizuka Y. The protein
kinase C family for the regulation of cellular functions.
Biomed Rev 1992; 1: 1-6.

•  Book
Author A. Book Title . Publisher name, 2000.

•  Chapter in a book
Author A. Chapter title. In: Author A, editor(s). Book
Title. Publisher name, 2000; 1-10.

Abbreviations of journal titles should follow those listed in
the Index Medicus. Responsibility for the correctness of the
references lies with the author (s). After manuscript revisions,
authors should double check that all in-text citations are in the
reference list and that all references on the reference list have
at least one corresponding in-text citation.

All figures must be cited in the text and numbered consecutively
(Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc.). Each figure should be submitted as
a separate file. For vector graphics, EPS (Encapsulated
PostScript) files are the preferred format. TIFF (Tagged Image
File Format) is the recommended file format for bitmap,
greyscale and colour images. When supplying TIFF files place
ensure that files are supplied at the correct resolution:
•  Line artwork=minimum of 1000dpi
•  Halftone artwork=minimum of 300dpi
•  Combination artwork (line/tone) = minimum of

Authors should beaware that using color figures will incur an
Additional charge for color in the reprints.


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